STAR 30th Anniversary Essay Competition

The STAR Publishing Company will be celebrating thirty years of operation in May of 2017. Many activities have been organized to commemorate our milestone including our 30th Anniversary Essay Competition which invites Saint Lucia’s students to celebrate with us through writing.

Submission Deadline: Thursday, April 20, 2017

Qualifying Criteria: Students should be between the ages of 13-17 years old and attending school in Saint Lucia. Only students who have correctly followed the guidelines for the essay competition will be considered for judging.

Submission Criteria: Every participant must CHOOSE ONE TOPIC and is ONLY ALLOWED ONE SUBMISSION. All essays must be between 300 – 500 words. Essays must be submitted via email with identification of student’s name, school, age, contact information and picture. When entering the competition, participants automatically agree to be interviewed and have their work and picture published if necessary.

Judging Criteria: Essays will be judged based on organization (structure, logical flow), content (research, developed points, originality, interest) and expression (sentence structure, punctuation, vocabulary, fluency).

Topic Choices:

Social Responsibility:

  1. We need business to understand its social responsibility, that the main task and objective for a business is not to generate extra income and to become rich and transfer the money abroad, but to look and evaluate what a businessman has done for the country, for the people, on whose account he or she has become so rich.” -Vladimir Putin. Consider this quote and explain how corporations in Saint Lucia have contributed to the development of its youth.

Education & Culture:

  1.  The recent effects of globalization have degraded Saint Lucian culture. Write an essay in which you agree or disagree with this statement.
  2. The education system in Saint Lucia does not cater for all skills and individuals. Should special schools be implemented for students who can make better use of vocational skills than academic skill?


  1. The tourism industry is of primary importance to Saint Lucia’s economy, providing both income and jobs for locals. Do you agree or disagree that the jobs are limited and do not provide much opportunity in Saint Lucia’s tourism industry?
  2. Saint Lucia is considered as one of the top travel destinations in the world. What makes Saint Lucia stand out from the rest of the Caribbean to attract so many international tourists.

Economy & Politics:

  1. Many local businesses find it difficult to keep a physical location open in Saint Lucia. How do you think online shopping has influenced this?
  2. Saint Lucia’s food security may be under threat but local farmers have difficulty in maintaining a decent supply and quality of food products. What are some government incentives that can improve the agricultural sector and provide food security?
  3. Has demonstration of lack of ethics in the government caused damage to our country’s reputation? Agree or disagree.


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