Mother of gunman taxi driver: “Police didn’t have to kill him”

Killed: David “Bruno” Thomas

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — A taxi driver who pulled a gun during an altercation with another driver was shot by police officers this morning.

The man has been identified as David “Bruno” Thomas 37 of Almond St Edingburg 500, Chaguanas.

Police say that Thomas had an argument with the driver while at the Edinburgh 500 taxi stand.

Officers saw the commotion and ordered the driver to drop the gun but it was reported that he pointed it at them.

The police opened fire, killing Thomas.

His mother who did not want to give her name, said even if Thomas was found with a gun, the police did not have to kill him. “The police could have arrested him with the firearm,” she said.

Relatives said while on the scene Thomas’s mother asked the officer whether he had killed her son. “His words to my aunt was ‘Yes, so what about it.’”

Thomas’s relatives also said that his mother did not get a chance to see her son’s body.

An autopsy is expected to be performed at the Forensic Sciences Complex on Monday. Family members said following the autopsy they would decide whether they will be lodging a complaint with the Police Complaints Authority.

Thomas’s brother Jason Manswell was shot and killed three years ago while in East Dry River, Port of Spain. Taxi driver Ali Muhammed was charged with his murder. The matter is before the court.


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