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Boat capsizes in St Lucia – Zululand Observer

Boat capsizes in St Lucia  Zululand ObserverNSRI Station 40 St Lucia duty crew were activated following reports of a boat capsized in the surf at St Lucia on Saturday, 22 December. NSRI rescue swimmers ...

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Japan to restart commercial whaling – St. Lucia News Online

Japan to restart commercial whaling  St. Lucia News Online(BBC) — Japan says it is to restart commercial whaling in July in a move that is likely to draw international criticism. It said it would withdraw from the ...

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Digicel settles for less – St. Lucia News Online

Digicel settles for less  St. Lucia News Online(DIGICEL) — Telecommunications provider Digicel Group disclosed a new deal that has been largely accepted by irate bondholders, which includes ...

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